* Nominated for Best Factual Series at BAFTA 2014

‘Keeping Britain Alive has been a beautifully constructed series… Yesterday the series was at its best.’ Andrew Billen, The Times

‘An amazing operation, with major challenges It’s impossible to really complete a portrait of today’s NHS, but this will probably get closer than anything before. An extraordinarily bold project.’ Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

Capturing a single day in the NHS, filmed by 100 camera crews spread across the country. In just this one day, 1300 people will die, 2000 will be born and 1.5 million will be treated.
This episode takes a look at the country’s single biggest killer, heart disease. Every day 282 people will have a heart attack and 200 will die. In Manchester, a specialist team race to treat a steady stream of heart attack victims, some of whom have a 20 year history of heart disease. In Liverpool six-month-old Kyran undergoes open heart surgery to correct a defect first detected in the womb and in Yorkshire, air ambulance paramedics attempt to resuscitate an 80-year-old mechanic who has collapsed while working on a neighbour’s car.

TX May 2013
Ep. 8/8 x 60

Line Producer: Isabel Davis
Film Editor: Amanda Baxter
Series Producer: Susannah Price
Series Editor: Zac Beattie
Executive Producer: Magnus Temple & Amy Flanagan
Executive Producer for BBC: Charlotte Moore

Produced & Edit Produced: Nick Leader