• Bedlam: Psychosis
    Bedlam: Psychosis
    'Brilliant TV' - The Guardian
  • Bedlam: Anxiety
    Bedlam: Anxiety
    "Illuminating and brave" - The Daily Mail
  • Too Posh For School?
    Too Posh For School?
    "Absolutely gripping" - Mail On Sunday
  • The Year The Town Hall Shrank
    The Year The Town Hall Shrank
    "Whitehall Police Makers should be forced to see it" - Radio Times
  • The Year the Town Hall Shrank
    The Year the Town Hall Shrank
    "A fascinating insight into local politics" - Time Out
  • Murder Unsolved
    Murder Unsolved
    A film exploring the mystery of 4 unsolved British murders
  • Ramsey’s Boiling Point
    Ramsey’s Boiling Point
    "A glorious combination of grit, charisma and 4 letter abuse." - Daily Mirror
  • Living With My Stalker
    Living With My Stalker
    "Undeniably Compelling" - Time Out
  • Living With Brucie
    Living With Brucie
    "Like bursting in on your mother in law in the shower." - The Daily Telegraph
  • Brian’s Story
    Brian’s Story
    "An extraordinarily intimate and powerful piece of film-making" : The Observer